Luxury Meets Functionality: Towel Warmers From Infrawarm

Imagine stepping out of a soothing shower or bath and enveloping yourself in a warm, plush towel. Infrawarm’s towel warmers bring this luxurious experience to your daily routine, ensuring you begin and end your day comfortably. Whether you reside in Penrith or beyond, our towel warmers are the perfect addition to any bathroom.

Get To Know Us

Introducing Infrawarm, a recently-established enterprise at the forefront of modern far infrared heater technology. Our extensive heating solutions are tailored to accommodate various spaces within your home in Penrith.

Renowned for energy efficiency and user-friendly installation, our products promise to provide optimal warmth. We are dedicated to offering a comprehensive selection that ensures your comfort indoors and outdoors all over Penrith.

Aligned with one of the industry's leading manufacturers of infrared heating products, our supplier boasts a substantial portfolio of accomplishments. With over 30 patents, certifications such as SAA, CE, RoHS, RED, TUV GS, FCC, BSCI, and ISO9001, and a wide export reach to numerous EU countries, their expertise and quality are evident.

Discover Our Towel Warmer Collection: Elevate Your Bathing Ritual



With this towel warmer from us, you can experience the impeccable fusion of aesthetics and functionality. With intricate craftsmanship, the BYECOLD TOWEL WARMER BLACK is artfully fashioned from high-quality tempered glass and adorned with elegant aluminium accents.

This towel warmer infuses a touch of sophistication into your bathroom while offering a vital heating solution. Its dual heating zones, each equipped with independent switches, allow for personalised warmth levels, enveloping your towels in lavish comfort and precise heating. The expansive heating area ensures rapid and efficient towel drying, turning your everyday routine into a spa-worthy indulgence.



Embark on a new level of towel warmth with our BYECOLD TOWEL WARMER. Exquisitely crafted mainly from sturdy aluminium and embellished with a smooth powder-coated coating, this towel warmer personifies contemporary elegance and steadfast resilience.

The state-of-the-art printed carbon heating component ensures peak heat efficiency, curbing energy usage and minimising heat dissipation. Boasting three separate heating sections and an instinctive touch switch, you command the realm of your towel-warming encounter, embracing the opulence and indulgence of impeccably-heated towels.

Experience Infrawarm Towel Warmers: What To Expect

Unparalleled Comfort: Indulge in the pleasure of wrapping yourself in a warm towel after every bath or shower. Our towel warmers provide consistent warmth, elevating your comfort and relaxation.

Efficient Heating Technology: Infrawarm towel warmers harness advanced carbon heating technology, ensuring rapid and uniform heating across the entire surface. This technology not only warms your towels but also promotes energy efficiency.

Stylish Design: Our towel warmers seamlessly integrate into your bathroom decor. With sleek and contemporary aesthetics, they add a touch of sophistication to your space.

User-Friendly Controls: Convenience reigns supreme; our towel warmers feature intuitive on/off switches and timer options. Tailor your warming experience according to your preferences.

Value for Your Investment: Choosing an Infrawarm towel warmer means investing in lasting comfort and luxury. Our products are built to endure, delivering exceptional value over time.

Experience the Elegance of Infrawarm Towel Warmers

Infrawarm believes in transforming everyday rituals into moments of luxury. Our towel warmers will infuse a spa-like ambience into your home in Penrith, inviting you to relish in the pure joy of a cosy towel.

Enhance your bathroom with the elegance and cosiness of Infrawarm towel warmers. Convert your daily routine into a lavish retreat, embracing the soothing warmth you truly merit with us in Penrith. If you want our products and are situation in LiverpoolBlacktown, Liverpool, Manly, Oran Park, then please dont hesitate to visit our website and have a look. Call 0422 441 590 to order your towel warmer or to ask any questions.